Crazy Busy

So here’s a quick post to catch up on the highlights of my frantically busy past couple of weeks.  A HUUUGE and deeply appreciative “Thank You” to all the awesome folks coming out to get tattooed by me lately.  You are all seriously the best and without you guys my life would suck for a number of reasons.

So first off it was Friday the 13th the other day and I did exactly ONE 13 tattoo, It was on my close friend James.  Just a lil fun one before he headed down to FL for a while

My best friend Mike was also in town recently from L.A. while he was in town he and our buddy Steve came by and got some small tattoos.  Here’s the one I put on Steve:

Speaking of old friends, my old and dear friend Debbie whom I’ve known for coming up on 15 years now came in and got this bird and garden rose from me yesterday. unfortunately I had a horrible time getting a decent picture of it, the angle and the wrap around her leg just make it look weird.  You’ll just have to take my word that it’s a cool tattoo.

Thomas S. is an animal. he came to visit me right after getting tattooed for hours by Grez and was all like “hey, you got a minute to fill this tiny spot on my hand?”  Of course I do Tom.

Matt who has the indian chief and cowgirl from me came by and had me stick this little Jerry ship in the background of his increasingly tropical and eclectically nautical sleeve.

It was Chris’ birthday so I put this motorcycle helmet on his arm he’s been threatening to get for a month…
and then…

…we decided his old bull tattoo could use a new pair of sunglasses.

Speaking of funny, these two are tied for funnest craziest tattoos of the month.  First there’s the good ol NCC-1701

and today’s big winner ….
TIGERTRIBAL!!!!  (meow)

PHEW! that’s a lot of effin’ tatts.  Thanks as always for looking and I leave you with this little gem.  An original Sailor Jerry acetate stencil I purchased at the NYC convention this weekend.  It throws some pretty serious good vibes around in my studio!!

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3 Responses to “Crazy Busy”

  1. Nice!! Into the rose.. I think someone may have cross-pollinated that thing with a peony when you weren’t looking.

  2. It’s a Garden rose, rather than the standard Tea Rose!

  3. I love the ship and the tiger tattoo – but all of your work is great. Looking forward to getting the next tattoo from you in June :)

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